SNIPR software is a leading Credential-Stuffing toolkit supporting attack surfaces like IMAP and HTTP/(s) Web-Requests (Emails, Websites and Apps/Games). The tool attacks based on a Configured Configuration File's Data, they can be easily configured inside of SNIPR and shared by the community for the community in the integrated Public-Repository. SNIPR comes with pre-configured and managed Configurations automatically in the Official-Repository.

— only windows is supported, using wine and/or virtual machine software is not supported and may cause a performance decrease (if it works)
SNIPR FairDRM™ — 1 key = +1 max-device
Each activation allows SNIPR to be running on a certain amount of devices simultaneously.
For e.x. activate 2 keys and you can run it on 2 devices at the same time.
Attempting to run more than your max-device allowance will result in the oldest SNIPR instance to force-close.
You will never be forced out of SNIPR for usage unless its extremely suspicious or are caught sharing.



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